Cannabis Caddy

Each Caddy includes


- A 50 gallon wheeled growing pot with aerated fabric liner and 4 grow-chambers

- A collapsible 50 cubic-foot metal Trellis-Cage with a 6-inch 3D support-mesh

- A translucent Trellis-Cage hood for weather protection that folds into a "cassette"

- An light-deprivation cassette that's reflective inside so it can also amplify sunlight

- A fast-fold‍‍ing mechanism for deploying and storing both Trellis-Cage cassettes

- An earthing mechanism that automatically connects the growing pot to ground

Cannabis Caddies ship flat-packed in a 30" x 72" x 9" box and it c‍an be very easily assembled or reconfigured for storage. Its assembled dimensions (68" H x 29" W x 74" L) enable it to roll through a standard residential doorway (for use growing indoors during the winter with its optional lighting kit).



Caddy-growers get the best of three worlds

  • 1)   A light-deprivation layer that forces early flowering
    • - Light-Dep gives you two months of bonus mid-summer sun-ripening
  • 2)   A translucent layer that protects against bad weather

- The Caddy's Trellis-Cage transforms easily into a miniature greenhouse

  • 3)   Both layers open for total exposure to wind and sun
    • - Full sun and natural breeze ripen better than artificially-lit or indoor growing

You need these 4 growing modes


It grows the

natural way

Cannabis Caddy can be your personal health garden

You can get high... or you can get healthy!

See why fresh raw cannabis is nature's most potent health-food

To get maximum benefit from your fresh homegrown herb

Here's another recipe for cannabis health



Grow THC with TLC

Grow the way

nature grows


Corporate Cannabis controls you

Cannabis Caddy sets you free

Start A


- A security alarm system (see slide #14 in the slideshow above... also see this : )

- A lighting kit for indoor growing inside the reflective light-dep hood (see slide #9)

- A multi-level Trellis-Cage shelving system for growing herbs & veggies (Slide #13)

So become An Urban Farmer!

Here's the Bottom Line

Grow nature's most potent health food


"Microdosing" cannabis is simply taking a small enough dose that the herb's psychoactive effects are negligible; it's like drinking a few sips of wine or half a cup of coffee.  Microdose your herb every day to get the long-term health benefits of over 100 different cannabinoids.

Make fresh delicious!

Is a triple-mode light-deprivation mini-greenhouse

Cannabis Caddy

And it's the ideal gardening tool for DIY cannabis growers!

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It's where Heaven meets Earth

In a recent Statistics Canada survey, 82 percent of Canadians said that they would be: "Unlikely to try cannabis or to increase their consumption with legalization."  We are rightly cautions about getting high on any drug.

Only one statistic is certain: 18% of Canadians might consider getting high, however 100% of us definitely want to get healthy!


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Canada & the USA

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