Your action-cam is transformed by wearing it with a giant viewfinder

give you

The asymmetric wearing harness makes it super-comfortable

Here's another accessory that's completely different...

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DJI's handheld Osmo was already an amazing device

The GoGimbal adaptor you see below transforms the Osmo by enabling it to mount on the GoPad.  

It upgrades the handheld Osmo into the world's most versatile wearable camera because now you can either hand-hold it or wear it.

Wearing this controller is the future of drone piloting

And now wearing it makes the Osmo even better!

Here's another drone piloting problem we're working on

It's blindingly obvious!

100 years ago people had a simple solution

Our version for the GoPad isn't quiiite ready to unveil

But we're refining an uber-cool prototype (see hint above : )

  • Early field testing is conclusive: this new accessory works great in sunny weather!
    • Watching the touchscreen is as easy as watching TV in your living-room
    • Usability is far better than guessing through a blaze of touchscreen reflections
      • Its "Daylight peekaboo flap" enables you to see and fly within FAA regulations

In order to both hold and use their controller a drone pilot needs An Extra Pair Of Hands!

‍‍‍Here's how it works...

  • DJI's advanced drone control software already enables ultra-intuitive "Tap to Go" navigation
    • Destination-pointing on the displayed camera image commands the drone to simply Go there!
    • GoDrone's touchscreen controls will out-perform mechanical joy-sticks
      • Destination-pointing plus multi-touch screen gestures enable a new drone-control paradigm
      • Keep both hands on the screen to gesture and control the drone's flight path and its camera
        • GoDrone algorithms enable FPV performance without the need to learn ninja joystick skills
        • Tap to layout your flight path and then use multi-touch to point your Mavic Pro's camera
          • Automatic target-tracking and virtual joy-sticks‍‍‍ complete the next-generation controller
            • Just pointing and swiping your wearable display tells your drone to Follow My Fingers!
  • Clip the GoDrone long-range radio link  onto the GoPad, plug it into the tablet and Go...

In a heartbeat, you can switch between using the Osmo in its normal handheld mode and using it in its new wearable mode.  Curious?  Watch how it works!

You can instantly pluck the GoGimbal off the GoPad and hand-hold it while chasing an action scene. When the action slows down, just hang it back on the bracket for hands-free stop-and-go sessions. For optimal performance, we recommend using DJI's Z-xis stabilizer.

You can also hold the Osmo's pistol-grip in your right hand while gripping the attached GoPad with your left. Together, they form a two-handled unit that's easy to maneuver away from your body while capturing action onto the big screen.  It reverts instantly to hands-free wearing mode when released.

Here's how it gives the Osmo three new ways to go

The GoGimbal is supremely comfortable to wear because its asymmetric wearing harness spreads the load diagonally across the user's back.    

In both usage modes, the tablet acts as a giant viewfinder for capturing images.  It's also a wearable workst‍‍‍ation‍‍‍ for processing the data.  GoGimbal is action-cam innovation.

The Osmo and GoPad are a match made in heaven

  • WARNING: the GoDark wearable darkroom will make you look horrifically geeky.
    • But GoDark isn't about how cool you look; it's about how clearly you see!
    • If you're looking for a cool-looking fashion accessory then Go‍‍‍Here!

So cut out the world of false light

GoDark...and be One with your drone!

See how a GoGimbal measures

up against a $100K Steadicam

Check out the competition

The wearable drone controller

Ten-finger Touch Control

    To change the slides, click on the left/right arrows above or else use your keyboard's left/right keys

    To change the slides, click on the left/right arrows above

    No more juggling joysticks!

    You get hands-free mobility plus touchscreen-driven navigation

    Don't hold it... Wear it!

      You'll fly like a bird with GoDrone