Nextpresso  is a patent-pending coffee grinder accessory that enables you to refill Keurig or Nespresso coffee pods far more effectively than any refilling tool on the market.  

Use freshly-ground beans to charge your Next espresso shot. Nextpresso  seals it in with a reusable cap that's easy to insert, remove and clean.  It can refill Keurig K-cup pods as well as Nespresso Original and Vertuo pods.

Your reusable Nextpresso  pods will make fresher, better coffee while vastly improving pod-recycling efficiency.  Your cost per-cup of superb, pod-brewed coffee will be about $0.30.

Watch the video below to understand how this ingenious new kitchen tool works.  You'll see why refilling your used pods inside your grinder is the Next step for coffee lovers everywhere.


The Nextpresso pod-refilling tool is made in Canada

Patent Pending


To fully understand this invention read its patent application


It exploits coffee's crucial fifteen minutes


www. NEXTpresso .coffee


The pod-refilling grinder accessory

Made in Iceland... how cool is that?

Understand how NEXTpresso works


1) The lowest cost per brewed cup

2) The lowest environmental impact

3) The freshest, tastiest coffee!!!

The 3 benefits of refilling pods inside your grinder

Download: CA 3,199,398

Good Baristas understand and follow "Babbie's Rule of Fifteens"

Rule 1: Green coffee beans should be roasted within fifteen months

Rule 2: Roasted coffee beans should be ground within fifteen days

Rule 3: Ground coffee beans should be brewed within fifteen minutes