www. smartEbike.com

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Here's why smartEbike.com is an excellent investment

1) The Ebike market is exploding
Environmental concerns have made converting the world's transportation system to Electric Vehicles a top global priority:

◌  Ebikes sales were $20B in 2019, $40B in 2020 and experts project a CAGR of 7.9% going forward.  

◌  Traffic congestion and urban parking problems favor the adoption of Ebikes over Electric cars.  ◌  An Ebike’s cost of ownership is minuscule compared to that of an electric car (due to their low capital cost, low fuel cost and zero insurance cost).

◌  Ongoing Covid measures are creating a global prosperity problem that will inevitably favor pedestrians, cyclists and Ebikers over Tesla drivers.

◌  The rapid growth of Ebike usage is also synergistic with the global priority to expand the use of public transport (an opportunity for users to carry-on their folding bicycle or Ebike).  This same urban planning priority is creating a vast network of bicycle lanes and dedicated bike paths.

◌  The aging demographic favors the use of Ebikes over standard pushbikes.  Ebikes are also fun to ride… that alone ensures their continued market growth!

2) "smartphone" technology is converging with "Ebike" technology
Smartphones are already ubiquitous and loved by everyone

◌  Virtually all new Ebike designs integrate the rider’s own smartphone into their new vehicle’s user interface and riding experience.  The Ebike rider's smartphone experience is perfectly captured by the word "smartEbike".

◌  New companies and brands are springing up to capture that rapidly-growing high-tech market niche.  Launching new Ebikes

◌  Pronouncing the word “smartEbike” has a positive ring to it (think: "box of smarties” or "the class smartypants” : )