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is a miniature archery range

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Important legal disclaimer

TheDartboardGame is designed and sold for safe use as a game.  By purchasing this product, buyers must formally agree to use it strictly as shown in our instructional videos.  Any deviation from that intended use constitutes misuse of our product, for which the user is solely responsible.  

Legal precedent and common practice support this disclaimer.  For example, golf clubs, baseball bats, hockey sticks and billiard cues are all designed and sold for a specific sporting or gaming purpose; yet any of those products can be misused to cause bodily harm. Traditional dartboard game sets are also potentially dangerous (particularly if used by inebriated a players in a crowded pub). Similarly, a carving knife from a kitchen or a hammer from a workshop could be misused to cause mayhem.

Taken to its logical conclusion,should these potentially dangerous devices be outlawed?  Of course not; in legal jurisdictions worldwide, liability for any such misuse rests solely with the perpetrator.  No device is dangerous until it is misused by a faulty human.

TheDartboardGame will be classified as either a game product or a sporting goods product when it is exported through our online store.  In some countries, local regulations may limit how or where the game may be played.  Conforming to local regulations is the sole responsibility of the buyer.

With practice, your accuracy will rival Lars Andersen's bow

Learning to shoot

Learn to shoot intuitively

How it works

In the spirit of friendly Nordic competition, we contend that:

TheDartbordGame blows this game out of the water

The "How to" link above shows you how to play a number of traditional dartboard games.  Google Play and the Apple App Store provide you with a variety of dartboard gaming apps that facilitate scoring them.

You can play all of those traditional games however our mobile dartboard easel enables users to enhace how the game is played.  For example, in backyard setting (or even in a large playroom), the traditional shooting distance of 9 feet can be widely varied to take advantage of the increased range and accuracy affored by our patent-pending elastic-powered dart launcher.  

For example: a game might have competitors rotating their shots onto dartboards setup at 9 feet,18 feet and 36 feet.  Varying the distance demands greater skill and enhances the fun for each competitor.  Of course, as in many sports, your main competitor will always be yourself : )



A patent is pending for "Dart-launching slingshot"

Below are the application's Figure 1 and Figure 3, followed by it's Claim 1

The notch can steer the launched dart towards the user's hand


Notched slingshot darts can be dangerous to the user


Its launcher is biased to steer away from the user's hand


TheDartboardGame's dual-pin darts are inherently safer

Here you see both sides of our latest CAD design

Product development updates

Safety First!

I claim:

1) A dart-launching slingshot comprised of:

- a roughly Y-shaped slingshot-frame having a hand-grip portion centrally-joined to first and second fixation prongs, each prong having a tip that is adapted for fixation of an elastic band,

- an elastic band, affixed at one end to the slingshot-frame’s first prong and affixed at its other end to the slingshot-frame’s second prong,

- a dart configured for secure gripping by a user of its rear, fletched portion and adapted for selectable engagement of its forward portion onto the mid-portion of the elastic band by means of an axially-aligned pair of engagement pins configured for entangled side engagement onto the elastic band’s mid-portion.

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If you are interested in receiving a pre-production test sample, please reach out to us:

Ríkarður Leó Guðmundsson
The Icelandic Start-Up Center

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