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It's easy to see how this "tiny-tall" crane solves a really big problem

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Waterfall Farm

It lifts vertical farming to new heights

The biggest agricultural innovation since the plow

Inspired by nature

Inspired by nature

Waterfall Farm lifts vertical farming to new heights


To learn how it works

To learn how it works

Here's why it's an important agricultural innovation

Using even these low-height systems demand climbing, stretching and gymnastic stamina

And as systems get taller, the difficulty of providing easy access to their crop increases

Motorized conveyor systems can solve the ergonomic problem but they are complex and expensive


Waterfall Farm is currently patent pending in Canada

The CA application number is 3,058,056.  It was filed on October 10, 2019

A PCT patent application will be pending soon for other IP jurisdictions

We are seeking commercialization partners worldwide

Each plant-growing module

cascades into the

next one...

and it's Made in Iceland... how cool is that?

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Go with the flow...

Read the patent application

Nutrient fluid cascades into the top of this 32-foot high hydroponic tower (up to 4 towers can be hung onto one mast).  The tower's removable plant-growing modules can also be hung in vertical formation on a wall (as shown further below).  The fluid draining through  the  tower's lowest plant-growing module is pumped back up to continue feeding its 14 individual waterfalls.

Waterfall Farm's plant-growing tower

The tower's grow-module hoist

This "elevator-pole" is a drill-driven crane that enables you to easily hoist and hang the plant-growing modules on the tower. A Wi-Fi camera mounted on the pole's sliding hoist-arm enables you to see and accurately maneuver the modules while standing at ground level.  The stabilizer bar at the top of each tower enables you to cultivate the lowered plants hands-free.

Waterfall Farm solves a fundamental conundrum:
It eliminates the need for ladders or scaffolding in order to access upper plant growth on tall towers.

• It provides ideal worker ergonomics:
No more stretching up or bending over to tend plants

• It is extremely cost-effective:
The basic farm is a compact kit of hardware parts that is easily shipped to end users.  The user supplies their own electric drill (used to drive the elevator-pole), action camera + smartphone (used  for pole navigation) and construction materials (to laminate the very long elevator pole and tower-support masts (if needed).

• Supports small-scale urban farming:
The side of existing buildings can be easily converted into an urban farm





Waterfall Farm is a simpler and far less expensive solution

A demo-video showing Waterfall Farm in action is coming here soon


Next-generation Urban Farmer


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FIG 22

unexploited vertical farmland

Our world has vast tracts of

Now virtually anyone can own a productive urban farm

This 172-module wall-farm kit will cost about $500

FIG 14

Rotating mast quartets are grouped around central LED towers

It can also revolutionize 3D indoor, artificially-lit farming

And it's not just for small-scale outdoor homesteading on a 2D wall...