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How They Work

For visual clarity, neither the neckstrap nor the screen cover are shown

The neckstrap is easily attached or detached but you will typically leave it attached and stored behind the tablet.  The hinged screen cover can swing up and to store above the coiled neckstrap. 

GoCar’s dash-mount hardware

The spool-shaped mounting posts engage onto the swingarm to lock it securely in place... hanging your GoPad on the dash is as quick and easy as hanging your coat on a clothes-peg.  Both posts are stuck to the dash with high-strength tape; if you ever wish to remove them, this video shows how they come off without leaving a trace.  Two soft adhesive pads are stuck further down on the dash console to prevent scratching.

This mounting system fits the vast majority of cars because; when the GoPad’s swingarm is locked at 90 degrees, it forms an L-shaped structure.  It bridges over the dashboard’s complex curvature and controls and the force geometry locks it in place.  Instead of sitting up on top of the dash, where it would block your view, your full-sized tablet hangs where it needs to be for optimal ergonomics and safety. 

The GoCar also works with the GoBag 

When the GoBag is Velcroed onto to the closed screen cover it’s a convenient storage pouch

It flips back to give you infotainment, or forward to dress your car’s dash in printable fashion

Driving or parking... it’s always useful

The swingarm also hangs perfectly on your steering wheel

  • It takes less than a minute to reconfigure a GoPad to hang securely from a headrest
  • The GoBag swings down to instantly provide a personal infotainment center

Driver or passenger... it’s always useful

Please bear with us:

An installation and usage video is coming here soon

You’ll see FOUR amazing ways that a GoPad

can be used while traveling in your car

A few instructive graphics are below