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‍‍‍Legal Notes

  1. All graphics and information presented on this website were created or linked to as “Fair Use” illustrative examples and used in a teaching context.
  2. The business model for manufacturing custom-printed GoBag fashions includes provisions for the protection of copyright holders and generous compensation for use of their work (details in Appendix 3).
  3. In essence, copyrights are respected In Good Faith and compensated as follows:
    1. Once implemented, our online store will enable GoPad buyers to upload their own images for printing onto their GoBag.
    2. The production of those custom-printed bag accessories will be sub-contracted to a network of home-based businesses.  The sub-contractors will produce them in accordance with conditions set out in VTI’s “FashionOffer”.
    3. The online store will also enable buyers to choose from an library of professionally produced and curated artwork for printing onto their purchased product.  Artists with copyrighted works in our image library will be paid a negotiated royalty for each GoBag sold that bears one of their images.  
      1. For example: the owner of this copyrighted image would be paid a royalty every time a GoBag is sold that bears it.  To protect the copyright owner from would-be buyers who might simply upload that image for printing as if they owned rights to it, our FashionOffer sub-contractors will screen incoming orders and refuse to print any that are listed in our catalog.
    4. If you are an artist or copyright holder and would like to participate in this program then please get in touch with us once Crowdfunding is complete and we are setting up the online store.  Oh... and please, spread the word.


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The GoBag reinvents the shoulderbag by combining the appeal of a beautiful fashion accessory with the creative freedom of digital customization.

GoBag is a blank canvas for fashion that enables you to create some‍‍‍thing special‍‍‍.

Every real-estate agent knows that  location is a biggest factor in determining value.  Like planet earth, the human body only has a limited amount of 'Fashion Real Estate".  Every item of apparel is precious space for making your personal fashion statement and the easier it is to customize its appearance the better.

T-shirts were the low-hanging fruit of custom-printed fashion and now GoPad offers a place where people can express themselves visually.   ****complete the idea and edit below**

These photos show GoBags that are still very much "prototype".  That said, they give you a feel for the kind of image quality that our dye-sub printing process will give your bag.  You upload the image that will define your fashion appearance; it's a proven concept for T-shirts.  

Production GoBags will incorporate a major bag design improvement (not shown above) that dramatically improves the versatility and utility of this fashion concept.  It's an innovative and useful enough upgrade that a new patent application is being drafted.  It's definitely cool and worth protecting.  Stay tuned.

You see two kinds of prototypes above: some printed polyester-coated neoprene bags that will be extremely cost-effective to produce as well as a "bespoke" GoBag made of high-quality leather.  This productio‍‍‍n model‍‍‍ is perfectly-suited to producing both kinds of bag and it offers young fashion entrepreneurs a lucrative outlet for their creative urges.  The goal is to foster the spread of micro-business in somewhat the same manner as our UberOffer.

Here's great fashion advice: location, location, location!