Is there a simpler way to get BIG usability AND small mobility?

1) First, they invented this Masterpiece Device

2) Then, they developed this BIGGER Version

3) Then, they developed this smaller version

Here’s how Apple solved that screen-size problem

It’s like holding a GIANT smartphone that can’t be dropped

Big Problem / Simple Solution

Whether you wear a “device” on your wrist, carry it in your pocket or type on it at your desk; the size of its User Interface is always a compromise between BIG and small.  A high-performance computing experience requires a BIG device but today’s mobile lifestyle also requires a small device.

That ergonomic conundrum has forced everyone to compromise by owning and juggling at least two devices: a BIG one for performance and a small one for mobility.


GoPad eliminates the need to juggle multiple devices because wearing it gives you An Extra Pair Of Hands. Those prosthetic hands free your hands so your BIG tablet is transformed into the ultimate BYOD tool.  Worn on your body, placed on your desk, or clipped onto your car's dash... it works!


The evolution of simple mobility tools

Extra legs...                                                Better legs...

The benefits of BIG

Wearing “extra hands” is a natural next step in Ergonomic Evolution

In 1984 it was The Mouse, then in 2007 it was The Touchscreen

In 2016 Tablet Wearability will start The Next Ergonomic Revolution

A wearable tablet is 4 times bigger than a smartphone

and 40 times bigger than a smartwatch

It’s like holding 4 smartphones

Or wearing 40 smartwatches

From  smartwatch  to smartphone to Tablet

Optimal mobility and optimal usability are mutually exclusive!  Compromise is inevitable and compromising on size means compromising on performance

Touchscreen size

smartwatch                                    smartphone                             Tablet

Better fingers...                                                Extra hands...

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The Size Problem






That three-device solution poses this


The answer is

Extra hands enable you to wear a BIG tablet hands-free

Wearing one BIG device is Simpler than juggling three!

Simple Solution


GoPad transforms tablet mobility

Small for mobility                                  or               BIG for performance

It's a new breed of wearable device

You always had to compromise