Mounting a wearable, full-sized tablet on your dash eliminates the complexity and expense inherent to the built-in screens of smartphone-tethered systems. Oh... and you won’t need to buy a new car!

There are over a billion cars and 90% of them can be easily upgraded in minutes... so what are you waiting for?  Support GoPad’s Crowdfunding campaign and you’ll get everything you need to...


CarPlay and Android Auto are both “Stuck In Traffic“ because Big Brother decreed they be locked-down and crippled (for your safety).  He’s restricted you to using fewer than twenty apps!


Here’s a tiny sampling of why GoPad is an infotainment hotrod

Waze              SpotHero                VBOX                 GoPro                Whatsapp              Firefox                  Gmaps                Uber

Your turbocharged old friend will zoom past motorized wheelchairs

Simply by enabling the first 4 apps you see above, the GoPad becomes a “must-have” car accessory. The Waze app will help you optimize your driving route; SpotHero will help you find parking spots and VBOX will help you maximize your engine’s performance.

GoPad is just like CarPlay or Android Auto; you voice-control using “Hey Siri” or “OK Google”.  Oh, and it also works with “Hey Cortana” because we’re launching with three Windows 10 versions.


Car and Driver correctly point out that Waze, SpotHero, VBOX and GoPro are all “must-have” driving apps... and that none of them can work in cars equipped with CarPlay or Android-Auto.

The other 4 apps shown above are also great for driving.  Use Whatsapp for texting, VOIP and saving money. The Firefox icon is included to pose this good question: How useful can any car infotainment system be if it refuses to ever let you access the web?  The Gmap navigation icon is highlights again that getting a GoPad+GoCar is the road to Total App-Choice Freedom!


Only the GoPad+GoCar gives you wearable mobility

It goes Everywhere so you can do Everything

Mount it pointed out your car’s rear window and stream the action onto your dash:  

Together they turn your dash into a giant rear-view mirror

And app-choice freedom gives your GoPro camera new life

Please note that this website is still Under Construction

Well, now there are THREE+ ways to get that experience:

ONE                                               TWO

Disrupt the car industry's status quo plan:

Go ahead... be disruptive!

Drivers Are Unhappy

Watch its happy inventor demonstrateUberpreneuring

Gavin Escolar earns six times more income than when he was just driving

‍‍‍Don’t get taken for a ride by a teeny-weeny tablet-holder‍‍‍

‍‍‍Please note that this website is still Under Construction


And drivers who share their cars improve all our lives

Unfortunately ridesharing has hit a roadblock

Compare the GoPad+GoCar to

Apple CarPlay + Android Auto

It helps drivers earn more money

GoPad’s UberOffe‍‍‍r‍‍‍ enables drivers to increase

their profits by diversifying their business model

Now every driver can become an ult‍‍‍ra‍‍‍Uberpreneur

The only automotive infotainment system that’s wearable!

Revolutionary Performance

That’s disruptive!

Price  +  Performance  +  Versatility

Ridesharing is the GoCar’s KillerApp because

Tiny profits and unhappy drivers are a BIG problem

You’ll see it has 3 disruptive advantages:

Helping their business grow is a KillerApp

because wealthier drivers help everyone

Dash-mounting your full-sized tablet optimizes access to over a million apps!

GoCar is a dash-mount accessory for the GoPad

Here's how to escape rideshare slavery

Stop worrying about getting busted by the cops for “distracted driving.  Your tablet's big, easy to see screen gives you the safest possible hands-free driving experience.  The GoPad's robust swingarm and its strong mounting geometry lock it securely and instantly onto or off of your car's dash. That enables it to meet the legal requirements of a "Hands Free Driver Information System" in all jurisdictions.



You can also push these performance buttons

GoPad makes it easy to be a happy Uberpreneur

‍‍‍It's a Rideshare Revolution that's Mobility's Evolution...‍‍‍




And if you think self-driving cars are the solution

It mounts instantly and securely to your dash

Your wearable tablet is ultra-useful everywhere