Peter Kielland

Visionary Technology Inc.
Ottawa, Canada

Visionary Technology Inc. is a Canadian company that’s been in business since 1996.  We develop innovative products that solve big problems.  

The priority here is on enjoying a creative lifestyle... do what you love and the money will follow!  That’s led to a business focus is on the creation and sale of IP.  

I’ve filed over 50 patent applications covering an eclectic range of high-tech and low-tech ideas.  most of them had no realistic chance of business success

Company snapshot

Intellectual Property

·The GoPad mechanism is protected by robust patents, either granted or pending in these PCT countries:

Canada, USA, Brazil, Australia, Taiwan, China, India, The UK and The European Union


PCT patent application 1


PCT patent application 2

·Its latest improvements and accessories are covered by additional PCT and Canadian applications  (give numbers and summaries)

- Describe protection for






Relate to why these innovations will be of great strategic value to a large company like Apple, Samsung, MS etc

To Do #1: Write a company synopsis

To Do #3: Compile a list of GoPad IP

Business Strategy for GoPad

To Do #2: Explain why GoPad is the right product at the right time

Blah blah blah

Market potential

Competitive Products

Financial scenarios

etc etc

GoPad is ideally suited to the BYOD lifestyle that’s taken the world by storm.  





VTI is a tiny company with a big product.  Crowdfunding is one option however, partnering with a big with a large tablet manufactureer or a related high-tech company is the best business strategy for getting GoPads into the hands of touchscreen users everywhere.   

GoPad is a simple mechanical device that can be easily copied so securing robust patent protection is the keystone of this venture.  Without strong IP there’s no business.  

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To answer that question, take a look at this world map.  What you see is a world of intense competition 

 If your TNC is on that map then VTI can give your company a strategic marketing advantage over your competitors.  Unlike Gavin’s jewelry, GoPad is a patented product and in the world of high-tech global competition Intellectual Property is what controls the game.  

The situration is similar to teh Telco industry

TNCs attempt to cash in of the fabulous business opportunities inherent to





that VTI is offering to all drivers can also help the driver’s Transportation Network Company multiply its profitability too.  If your TNC is on that map then VTI can give it with a strategic marketing advantage over your competitors.  

The software needed to create a TNC is relatively straightforward.  Recruiting drivers and maintaining their loyalty is proving to be the biggest and most expensive challenge facing the industry.  

Drivers invest heavily to put thier micro-business on teh road and i

The rideshare business operates in a commodity market because all TNCs are offering virtually the same product.   TNC’s face the same commodity pricing dilemma as the Telco industry

guarantees dominance in your local market.

The key to success for any TNC is to offer customers fast access to low-cost rides driven by friendly, competent and trustworthy human beings : )  

Uberpreneuring is a business model that can help starving rideshare drivers diversify their business.  Using their car to serve as a mobile showroom adds sales revenues to their transportation revenues.  It’s a proven strategy that enabled one driver to make increase earnings by 600%.  

What’s different about VTI’s version of Gavin’s invention is that it offers passengers a wearable technology product instead of jewelry.  The“UberOffer” is also a sales-referral program so drivers don’t need to make anything or stock inventory.  

Drivers also receive payments automatically so they don’t have to do anything other than answer questions from curious passengers and give out their business cards as needed.  Oh... and when this particular product is displayed on the car’s dash, it’s transformed into a useful driving tool that improves the rideshare experience for both driver and passenger.  What’s not to like?

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