Wearable Tablets will launch from Iceland

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Gavin Escolar invented Uberpreneuring 

It freed him from driving for slave wages.  Now he earns $250K/yr

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Because it mounts onto any tripod

GoPad is The Ultimate Selfie-stick

  • Two threaded holes in the swingarm enable you to mount the GoPad on a tripod.
    • Your tablet is transformed into a floor-standing workstation ready for serious photography.
  • The new version will have a third tripod-mount that's centrally located on the backplate.  
    • That enables the tripod-mounted tablet to serve as a rock-steady platform for taking studio-quality photos, videos and panoramas; it's perfect for both data capture and data processing!
  • When the GoPad is center-mounted, the swingarm mechanism can be swung open.  The unfolded structure is like a free-standing "lectern" that supports an external keyboard.  

You can also mount the GoOsmo adaptor on a monopod

And speaking of high-flying aerial photography...

December 2, 2016

A new PCT patent application was filed today

  1. An enhanced version of the GoCam camera mount.  It fits instantly onto the GoPad and supports complementary devices: a gimbaled  camera, a 3D camera, a 3D viewer and a data-link for drones.
  2. An enhanced version of the GoCar dashboard mount.  The improved version enables four-point latching onto existing dashboards.  It also describes an OEM version that snaps into or out of a purpose-built dash.
  3. An enhanced version of the GoBag shoulderbag.  This "Decorative Cargo Panel" version is much simpler to make and much easier to print on.  It also supports a versatile system of detachable cargo modules.
  4. A "dual-mode" GoPad that can transform into either a wearable tablet or a wearable laptop.  It uses either of two new styles of 180-degree hinge that integrate with the GoPad's tablet and swingarm mechanism.

December 19, 2016

The GoPad "Pro" is ready to manufacture

GoPad's proven and patented wearing mechanism has been re-engineered for plastic injection-molding.  Its weight is less than half of the earlier aluminum versions and is far cheaper to make.

This new filing is a 73-page "jumbo application" that covers four new design concepts:

February 7, 2016

A new business model for rideshare drivers is conceived

2017 begins in Iceland... how cool is that?


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When this new PCT application is eventually examined, it will undoubtedly need to be "divided" into multiple applications.  The result will be as many as four new international patents.  We invite potential development partners to consider their merits.