GoPad+GoCam equips your wearable camera with a giant viewfinder

give you

And even big cameras are comfortable to wear and use handsfree

     Watch Google’s                        See Lenovo’s first                          See Qualcomm’s

GoPad for TanGo

And now for something

completely different

Tango technology is truly exciting... but it has an ergonomic flaw!

 Hand-holding a tango tablet is like Dancing With Two Left Feet

Adding a GoCam could add another Tango dance partner

GoPad + GoCam + Tango = Modular 3D Sensor Upgradability

Separating the 3D sensing module from the touchscreen would enable existing tablets to be retrofitted with Tango technology at the same time they are upgraded to handsfree wearability.  

Modular upgrading is more versatile and cost-effective hardware than building sensors into new devices.  When combined with the stereoscopic viewing accessory shown below it brings next-generation VR to current tablets.

TanGo+GoPad enable wearable Augmented Reality

but what about wearable Virtual Reality?

To dance with a Tango Tablet you’d need an extra pair of hands!

Wearing GoPad’s extra hands is obviously the way to go...

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