Here's a snapshot of how GoPad's latest platform accessory works

Its patent application (CA 2,934,987) was filed on July 5th 2016

This new filing adds to VTI's already robust IP portfolio

3D content is coming soon everywhere

Here are a few more sample clips made in Hollywood

The Go3D is a stereo viewer accessory that augments the real world

  • Why stumble around blind? Go3D gives you an easy way to consult a 3D model while moving about in the real world... switching between your real and virtual worlds is as simple as looking up or looking down.
  • Since it's both hands-free and face-free, you can watch stereo over long periods quile retaining excellent situational awareness of what's going on in real world.  Ergonomically it's the equivalent of tilting your head forward to see into a 3D book.  Glancing around to collect information is how we see.
    • Watching stereoscopic 3D movies while reclining in a chair or lying in bed is an ideal application
    • It's also useful while on the go for watching snippets of any web-content with added realism.
    • See sample clips below of suitable content (preferably using a 3D viewer : )
    • Danny loves this site

Tim Cook helps explain why Go3D is on the right track

A proper demo video will be posted here soon

He is perfectly correct.  While panoramic 3D "Virtual Reality" is an amazingly immersive experience it is fatally flawed as a general purpose User interface.  It's perfect for interacting with a computer-generated gaming world or to navigate and explore a panoramic photo-model of the real world.  The key ergonomic feature of 360 VR panoramas is that the user can (must) keep spinning around in search of something.  

But those are niche markets where panoramic VR excels however the ergonomics of how we humans interact with our environment will almost certainly limit the use of panoramic VR to those narrow niches.  

VR's story-telling problem:
The problem VR is that it is woefully inadequate for the kind of story-telling done by artistic directors as they make "movies".  From Shakespeare's Globe Theatre to Charlie Chaplin's silent movies to James Cameron's "Avatar" style of 3D CGI or the nightly news on TV; ALL story-telling **********EDIT MORE************entertaining an audient, all story-telling is menThe reason is simple: we humans have evolvevd eyes on the front of their heads for a good reason.  We are far more concerned and better eqipped for looking at what's in front of us.  with looking at whatlikelihood of of finding A key feature of feature (and drawback) of majority of

It appears that Apple's view of VR will be oriented towards the much larger market opportunities inherent to Augmented Reality.  Mr Cook's comments hint strongly that  Apple will take the same approach as Microsoft has with their Hololens Galsses.  If so, the user will have be ablet to do a lot more  to wear some sort of headset that superimposes a computer-generated image over the real world

Explain why wearable tablets provide a totally different way to augment reality with a computer.  

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But soon you and GoZo will be able to make your own

  • Other cool Go3D features:
    • It's a simple plastic part that's inexpensive to make.
    • It clips on or off the GoPad instantly.
    • It slides along the tablet so it's easy to switch between mono and stereo viewing while it's in place.
    • The hinged arms fold flat like a pair of glasses so it can be carried in the GoBag.