So scroll back up and take a second look

Click on the      logos to understand GoPad’s features

The shortcut answer is at the bottom of the page   

Clearly, it’s child’s play to see the Waldoos

The more you look the clearer you’ll see

But all those hidden GoPads might still be a bit fuzzy... 

Oh... and while your looking, ask yourself

Papa Waldoo

Project TO DO list:

Complete the slideshow appendices

Shoot the Crowdfunding video

Launch Indiegogo!

Son Worldo

Mama Waldette

Where are they?

If you look carefully below you’ll find 22 Waldoos

Here’s a “Gamification” experiment you might enjoy

It’s a satirical take-off on the “Where’s Waldo?” children’s books

Finding images below will help you to understand GoPad

The graphics illustrate the power of GoPad’s GoBag