The Construction Industry

GoPad is a tool that improves worker productivity in this trillion dollar industry______

·●  Read user testimonials in Appendix 1___

·●  See it serving as a wearable platform for construction survey systems_______

·●  For more information on tablet use in the construction industry, visit Apple’s website_

·●  Or watch AutoDesk’s construction industry video here

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  • This photo shows Dr Lise Paquet teaching at Carleton University while controlling her classroom’s overhead projector.
    • Now she can move freely among her students while teaching and she loves that new learning dynamic.
    • She gives GoPad an A+   “I’ll never go back to lecturing from the front of the class.”
  • Teaching is just the tip of GoPad’s educational iceberg; it could easily become a must-have tool for students.
    • The problem when marketing to young people is that they have intense social pressures and fashion awareness.
    • To see how the latest GoPad solves that marketing problem, you can jump ahead to Slide 20.

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An Extra Pair Of Hands would do wonders for this Doctor’s bedside manner

Watch here to see the cure for what ails him

And tablet-toting doctors can also look cool

Read healthcare testimonials in Appendix 1

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Sales and Hospitality Applications

     The GoPad enhances MPOS ergonomics   AND   Its printable GoBag displays corporate branding

  • The photo on the left shows why handheld “Mobile Point OfSale” tablets are crippled by poor ergonomics.
    • How can this struggling Sales Associate provide good customer service while she’s trying to juggle the tablet?
    • Wearing it in a GoPad would free her hands and solve the problem ... watch and judge for yourself
    • GoPad’s new Shoulderbag Wearing Mode is particularly well adapted to the needs of retailers
  • The GoPad on the right shows how its printable GoBag broadcasts a powerful message to customers.
    • Staff wearing this branded GoBag will project a positive corporate image wherever they go.
    • It also enables customers to easily identify Sales Associates who can provide great MPOS service.

Notes regarding MPOS:

    • Compared to handheld tablets, GoPad’s wearability and integrated stand enable far more productive MPOS sales meetings.
    • When doing store inventory tasks, Sales Associates can easily from Shoulderbag mode to FannyPack mode.
    • All Service Industry workers can benefit from hands-free tablet wearability: restaurant workers, airline workers, hotel workers etc.
    • VTI’s “Advanced MPOS” feature (under development) will provide a level of convenience and security not possible using current MPOS systems.  It scans a coded token and merchandise barcodes and then processes weight data to clear security checks (Contact VTI for details).

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Enterprise Users obviously need and want an extra pair of hands

But how do Consumers react to wearing a big tablet?

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The Original GoPad had a BIG consumer acceptance problem!

.........    .“It looks too BIG and geeky”                      “ Only Engineers would wear that thing!”

Those were common verdicts from average consumers who saw it being worn

Our Big Ugly Duckling needed a Big Fashion Makeover

We engineered the GoBag, a totally cool way

GoPad Slideshow

Enterprise Applications

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GoPad Slideshow

And so to reach out to fashion-conscious GoPad users

Learn how we did it by viewing the “Consumer” slides below