GoPad is still the optimal ergonomic tool for Enterprise Users

 By adding its printable GoBag, now it’s cool for Consumers

1) Ergonomics dictate that tablets are an optimal platform for software

2) Ergonomics also dictate that GoPad is an optimal platform for tablets

3) The printable GoBag enables those platforms to become a platform for fashion

Is the story of Three Platforms

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It prints images onto GoBags like printing them onto paper

Watch a video to see how dye-sub turns this little girl into a shoulderbag

Each GoBag comes alive with an image that’s limited only by your imagination

Making customized GoBags is an ideal home-based business!

  • Making GoBags is a creative business with low start-up costs; it quickly turns into a profitable lifestyle
  • Every GoPad sold anywhere includes a custom-printed GoBag... there’s a bottomless market for fashion freedom!
  • Our manufacturing model uses online social media to connect each GoBag customer to a home-based producer
  • Customers can help design their bag by sending their producer a favorite photo or graphic through GoPad’s online store
  • If they don’t have a print graphic to upload, they can choose from our online catalogue of licensed artwork and bag textures
  • Customers interact visually with their GoBag producer, who expertly adjusts and enhances their image for printing
  • Customer and producer can also interact to create optional overlays that complement the GoBag’s printed image
  • “Bespoke” overlays are mosaics of velvet, leather, fishskin or other fabrics: the resulting shoulderbag is a new genre of art
  • Bespoke GoBags may also include detachable outer pouches for carrying items such as sunglasses, coins, a charger, etc
  • Ordering additional custom-printed GoBags is an amazingly cost-effective way for people to expan‍‍‍d their wardrobe‍‍‍
  • Our target price for a basic additional custom-printed GoBag is $15 (including worldwide shipping)
  • Our target price for the complete GoPad tablet-wearing system is $130 (including worldwide shipping)
  • To enable retail sales of complete GoPads, they will include a “GoBag Online Claim Coupon”.
  • To understand GoPad’s home-based socially-networked manufacturing and distribution model see Appendix 2

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Step 1

Get a picture of anything you think looks cool

 Step 2

Upload it to our online store for printing onto a blank GoBag

Step 3

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Each custom GoBag attaches to your GoPad with Velcro

So it’s incredibly easy to change your fashion statement

It’s like changing your tie …… or changing your dress

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GoPad fashions suit both Consumers and Business Users

Consumers print bags that suit their personal fashion tastes…

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… and Business Users print bags

that suit their business fashion needs

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Celebrate a birth day …                                             … or any day

..... Look silly …                                                         … or serious

Give people good advice …                                 … or point out hidden truths

Tell people what you’ve got under the hood

Show them your best friend …                                      … or our worst enemy

       Speak out on local issues …                         … or contemplate the bigger picture

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Your GoPad will snap photos so that YOU can print a new wardrobe

Now you see it …                           … Now you wear it

Hmmm … printing a close-up of this pullover …                 … would create this matching shoulderbag

But I think I’d prefer this warm cardigan …                     … its GoBag will make it look even cosier

     Those stretch pants would NOT flatter my assets …     … but this GoBag will go perfectly with my new cardigan

Hmmm, a snapshot of that funky-looking hat …        … would print into an even funkier shoulderbag

Any of these fabrics would make a great office gift.                  Hmmm … and then there’s my Book Club …

My brother loves ties, but which one do I give him?            … my new motto is: “When in doubt, get them all

I have no idea what this thing is or does …                          … but I just invented a good use for it : )

         I know this idea may seem crazy …                              … but my food-crazy sister will love it

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Oh, and one more thing

  • The left GoBag shows an example of how good technology can struggle until a useful application is found for it.
    • When introduced in 1980, VisiCalc became the “Killer App” that convinced consumers to buy an Apple II.
    • Then, in 2011, this Killer App accessory came along and made the iPad even more useful and worth owning.

GoPad Slideshow

GoPad for Consumers

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GoPad Slideshow

  • On the right you see the latest, Killer App accessory that’s about to disrupt the status quo.
    • Anyone who experiences the comfort of hands-free eReading or watching movies in bed will be hooked.
    • GoPad’s media-consumption application alone makes it a must-have accessory for all tablet owners.