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A few testimonials from early-adopters of the original GoPad

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Testimonial from Skanska to Apple Norway

+++++++++ ORIGINAL EMAIL IN NORWEGIAN ++++++++++

From: Pettersen, Øivind [mailto:oivind.pettersen(at)
Sent: November-15-13 2:26 AM
To: Erling Teig (erling(at)
Cc: [email protected]
Subject: VS: GoPad website updated .... FYI

Hei Erling, her følger litt mer info om Gopad.

Se link under fra Peter Kielland

Et fantastisk bra verktøy for god ergonomi ved aktivt bruk av Ipad’s over tid.

Etter det jeg kjenner til sliter Peter Kjelland litt med lavt markedsføringsbudsjett og kostnader og trenger litt drahjelp

Jeg mener dette kan være et bra produkt for Apple å promotere, det skiller seg ut fra alt annet av utstyr som kan kjøpes til Ipaden i dag,

Kan dette være noe for Apple?


Øivind Pettersen                       
Forretningsutvikler IKT

Prosjektleder – Digital byggeplass

Skanska Norge AS                 
Drammensveien 60

Tlf 40 00 64 00

Mobil + 47 928 xx xxx



+++++ GoogleTranslation from Norwegian to English  ++++++++++++++

Hello Erling, here is some more info about Gopad.   See the link below from Peter Kielland

A stunningly good tool for ergonomics for actively using iPad's over time.

From what I know the struggle PeterKjellands hagen bit low marketing budget and expenses and need a bit of help

I think this might be a good product for Apple to promote, it stands out from all other equipment that can be purchased for iPad today

Could this be for Apple?


Øivind Pettersen                       
Forretningsutvikler IKT

Prosjektleder – Digital byggeplass

Skanska Norge AS                 
Drammensveien 60

Tlf 40 00 64 00

Mobil + 47 928 xx xxx

Testimonial from Skanska to AutoDesk

From: Pettersen, Øivind [mailto:[email protected]
Sent: September-21-14 11:56 AM
To: [email protected]john.cox(at)
Subject: Gopad In Skanska Norway to use with Autodesk BIM 360 field

Hello Peter.

Feel free to use Skanska Norway and me as an reference regarding the use of Autodesk Bim 360 field on Ipads on building sites / in production.

At the time being we have more than 60 projects using 360 field on Ipads and over 520 Skanska users and over 1000 external users.

I think we have about 60 Gopads in production and we love them, we have a big demand for more Gopads.

The Gopad helps us avoiding injuries when using 360 field on the Ipad over a long period of the day.


Can you help Peter to present the Gopad to the 360 team in Autodesk?

The Gopad is an exceptional product for carrying the Ipad on Inspection rounds and free’s up both hands for typing and reduce the risk of injuries from carrying the iPad during inspections.

The Gopad and 360 field on the Ipad is a perfect match.

Check out


Øivind Pettersen                       
Forretningsutvikler IKT

Prosjektleder – Digital byggeplass

Skanska Norge AS                 
Drammensveien 60

Tlf 40 00 64 00

Mobil + 47 928 xx xxx

Testimonials from Healthcare Workers

++++++++ My initial contact from Dr Salo at Turku Hospital in Finland ++++++++++++++++++++++++

From: Aki Salo [mailto:aki.salo(at)] 
Sent: November-25-12 9:39 AM
To: [email protected]
Subject: GoPad


I am Aki Salo from Finland.  I work at an Turku University Hospital and GoPad is just what I need.  I use an iPad whole day and I haven't figured out how to carry it around with me. Bag is not a solution. Take it out and put it back dozens of times a day.

Shoulder strap is somewhat closer to what I had in mind but what if I have to use both hands? Take the strap off, find something to put iPad on ... well you can see the pattern.

And then I saw GoPad!  It has everything figured out how really use iPad as a tool.


- Aki

++++++++++++ Follow-up message from Dr Salo after 18 months of use ++++++++++++++++++++++++

From: Aki Salo [mailto:aki.salo(at)
Sent: May-16-14 3:55 PM
To: [email protected]

Subject: GoPad at Turku Hospital

Hello Peter!!

I am sorry that I haven't write to you anything!  It's because I am very poor in writing English ;) so, it's not about you or your magnificent product! :) 

I use "original" GoPad every day! It helps me carry iPad around, and i do carry it every where I go :) GoPad helps me when I write whit my iPad, on table or when I am sitting on sofa.. It's so versatile! The neoprene bag is great too!!

It's hard to scribe how wonderful your design is!! It's like.. Um.. I can not think using a handheld device without a GoPad!! 

Everyone has noticed my GoPad in my workplace at Turku university hospital.. I've been showing it around and telling all where did I get it.. People now me as "the man with the GoPad" if they don't know my real name ;) 

Not many use iPad as a "work horse" here.. Don't know why? Because it's hard to carry around with you??  Well we know answer to that!! Or maybe it's lack of softwar.. We are chained to PC world here in hospital..

But now there are quite good handheld PC tablets too!!  But the carry around problem stays! (Nothing to worry I say! ;))

I was blown away when I saw new GoPad designs!!  Wow!  When it's possible to buy them??  And where?

So, I am true to GoPad, it's great!! And I want more of them!!  My concern is what happens if I buy Windows tablet! New GoPad design comes to rescue?? :)

Thanks for inventing GoPad , and sorry my English ;)

- Aki

++++++++++++++++++++ GoPad testimonial from Dr Muniz at Innova hospital in Philadelphia ++++++++++++++

From: Carlos Muniz [mailto:doctormuniz(at)
Sent: November-24-12 12:44 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Re: GoPad feedback

Dear Peter,

I have nothing but good things to say about the GoPad. I have been using it since the first day I got it in the mail. I prefer to use it with the strap diagonally, which is the alternative way of using it that you explained in the videos. It is really helping me do a better and more efficient job while rounding in the hospital.

Every single person in the hospital who sees me using the GoPad has asked about it and are amazed. The hospital has just made access via iPad available for a few months but it has not been publicized, therefore nobody knows that we can access the EMR system via Ipad or other mobile tablets. Residents, attendings and nurses mostly use the computer stations that the hospital provides. A handful of people carry their laptops on their hands.

When people see me carrying the GoPad they immediately ask about it thinking that it's just a "cute" thing that I'm carrying until I tell them that I actually have access to the hospital's EMR and work while rounding and hands-free. They immediately realize how huge of a deal it is. I've gotten better explaining what it is, that it has a silicon strip that sticks to your clothing and I demonstrate how it works. It's very useful that the address of your website is right on the GoPad, people remember it.

I'm hoping that people will start to use their mobile tablets more in the hospital because the natural tendency will be the need to work hands-free. Otherwise doing this kind of work is very cumbersome as you know. This is the future Peter and you have seen it crystal-clear.



++++++++++++++++++++ Typical enquiry from a Hospital CIO ++++++++++++++

From: Erkoc, Bülent -Leitung EDV [mailto:erkoc(at)
Sent: June-02-14 9:02 AM
To: [email protected]
Subject: AW: GoPad for Samsung

Dear Peter,

thanks for the reply. We find your product very  interesting  and fantastic. It is just the right solution for us. Well, you can send us two pre-production sample. How should we proceed?

If you want, i can recommend you to our distributor Cancom

Yours Truly

Bülent Erkoc
Leitung EDV

Klinikum Niederberg gGmbH, 
Robert-Koch-Str. 2, 42549 Velbert
Amtsgericht Wuppertal HRB 18485, 
St-Nr.: 139/5884/0648, UStID: DE 226635647


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