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Why GoPad?

The videos above show our pre-production development platform.  A series of these aluminum prototypes and short production runs were used to evolve and fundamentally reinvent the tablet.  

The lessons of that voyage of discovery are captured into the new GoPad "Pro".  Its swingarm and tablet-holding components will be plastic injection-moulded to provide users with a low-cost GoPad that's much simpler and lighter.  Its three accessories have also been improved and optimized for production.

The GoCar
The improved plastic version includes provision for four-point latching onto existing dashboards.  The latest design concept includes an OEM version that snaps into or out of a car's purpose-built dashboard.

The GoCam
The new plastic version snaps instantly onto or off of the GoPad and supports new devices: a gimbal-stabilized camera, a 3D camera, a 3D viewer and a data-link for drone pilots.

The GoBag
The new GoBag is a "Decorative Cargo Panel" that is simply a specially constructed foam-core panel with hook receptive material on both sides. It's much easier to print images on it and it supports detachable cargo modules.  

Using the GoPad