Passing the GoPad back to a curious passenger is easy and secure

The GoPad UberOffer’s 3 Big advantages

1  Drivers get 25% off of GoPad’s Indiegogo launch price

2  Uberpreneurs earn a 20% commission for sales referrals

  • GoPad is a 4-component wearable system that will retail for $135 USD
    • That price includes a GoPad plus three accessories: GoCar + GoCam + GoBag + GoType
      • The “GoType” and the “GoPadVR” may ne added as stretch
      • “Turn-key” GoPad pricing will add whatever our OEM cost is for the tablet (TBD)
  • Our Indiegogo supporters will pay $100 so UberOffer Drivers will pay $75
    • Drivers will also jump to the head of our campaign’s perk-delivery waiting line
      • To qualify for this offer, you’ll need to show proof of at least 10 rideshares per month
  • Here’s how it works
    • If a curious passenger notices the GoPad on your dash and asks about it,  just be Uber-helpful and tell them about it.  That's it... that's your entire job description!
  • Follow Gavin’s Golden Rule on how to be a cool and happy Uberpreneur
    • ALWAYS respect your passenger’s privacy; NEVER be the first to mention the GoPad
      • Let their curiosity drive your encounter with them... let the GoPad speak for itself
        • Let them experience GoPad, answer their questions and your work is almost done

It's one more way the GoPad+GoCar works

  • Here’s how you complete a sale and collect your 20% sales commission
    • When you drop off your passenger, if they seemed genuinely interested during the ride, mention that you can give them a 10% discount code if they decide to buy one online
      • Give them your business card.  Later, when they are in the online store, (to get their 10% discount) they will be asked to input your name as their “Uberpreneur Sales Rep”
        • Each time you make a successful sales referral, we’ll credit your account with a 20% commission and after 5 sales we’ll ship you a free GoPad that you can sell directly

3  Custom-printed GoPad graphics promote your business

  • While you’re NOT driving, wearing a custom-printed GoBag keeps working for you
    • Watch how GoBags are made to understand the power of this new accessory
      • It opens up endless possibilities for fashion that can attract new customers directly
        • People seeing you can text you, call you or just walk up and say; OK, Let’s Go!

Here’s an example of how your custom-printed GoBag might look

 Your Customers can:

We’ll print whatever GoPad image you upload in our store

Oh... and the UberOffer  isn’t just for UberDrivers

Together they create at least 30 Uberpreneuring opportunities

for Uber drivers

for Arcade drivers

for 99taxis drivers

for Gett drivers

for BlaBlaCar drivers

for Careem drivers

for Wingzdrivers

for Meru drivers

for GetMe drivers

for Lyft drivers

for Curb drivers

for OlaCabs drivers

for Flywheel drivers

for Ingogo drivers

for EasyTaxi drivers

for zTrip drivers

for Maramoja drivers

for Zuche drivers

for Kakao drivers

for Cabify drivers

for Hailo drivers

for GrabTaxi drivers

for Yandex drivers

for MyTaxi drivers

for BiTaksi drivers

for LeCab drivers

for DidiKuadi drivers

for TickToc drivers

for goCatch drivers

for RideBoom drivers

Your Bottom Line

Rideshare technology should enable Drivers to earn a decent living.  But in practice, expenses eat up all the profits and you end up working for slave wages. The best way to escape rideshare slavery is to diversify your rideshare business... the same way that Gavin Escolar did.  

Gavin displayed jewelry in his car and got great sales results from curious passengers.  Just imagine how Uberpreneuring with a GoPad on your dash will increase your bottom line.  

Like jewelry, GoPad is a wearable product with universal fashion appeal.  But unlike jewelry, GoPad is also a automotive infotainment device with unmatched performance.  It’ s the ideal product for Uberpreneuring

This is a business model that’s simple, fair and works!  So let’s form an Uberpreneurial partnership that starts a rideshare revolution; support GoPad’s upcoming Indiegogo campaign and get ready to rock the boat

Yours truly

Peter Kielland

Visionary Technology Inc.
Ottawa, Canada 

You can also give your passengers their own infotainment center

  • It takes less than a minute to reconfigure a GoPad to hang securely from a headrest
  • The GoBag swings down to instantly provide a personal infotainment center
  • The GoBag can contain your business cards and brochures you use to close sales

Please note that this website is still Under Construction

An Uberpreneurial Business Proposal

Which one of these two devices works best?

The answer is crystal clear

Why GoPad is the ideal product for Uberpreneuring

  • Dash-mounting a GoPad makes it the ideal command center in every rideshare car.  It transforms your mild-mannered ubercar into an Infotainment Hotrod
  • Your passengers will see you using it and quickly understand why having its big touchscreen in their life would be a big plus.  They’ll understand by watching it work!
  • Driving with a GoPad will transform your rideshare user experience .  Accepting our Uberpreneurial business proposal will transform your rideshare profits

GoPad’s bigger touchscreen will give you the best driving experience

It also enables your business model to become far more profitable

Gavin earned six times as much selling his jewelry as he did from driving!

How much extra cash could you make in your mobile GoPad showroom?

Here's steering wheel mode

Our one commandment to driver-partners