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It's a revolutionary system that you can own

The Photoshoped GoZo mock-up that you see above shows our latest killer-app camera accessory for the GoPad platform.  We've sourced some off-the shelf gimbals and camera components that will be connected using by our patent-pending new connectors and z-axis stabilizer.    

We're calling this modular, stabilized stereo camera concept the "GoZo" (because it almost rhymes with "GonZo" : )  Visit to watch GoZo come together during our upcoming Crowdfunding campaign.  It will be a "stretch goal" perk so get busy on your social network to make sure everyone knows it's coming.  We need your support to make it happen.

Of course we'd also welcome help from a  large manufacturer looking for a way to put some innovative "Go" into their iTablet.  Helping us bring GoPad to market would be a wise business investment because its protected by a veritable Galaxy of Intellectual Property.

The GoZo camera compliments GoPad's equally innovative platform accessory for 3D viewing.  The Go3D viewer embodies the same kind of 'out of the box" thinking that steers our fashion accessory into uncharted waters.  GoPad and GoZo are an end-to-end wearable 3D imaging system... and so much more

For something completely different...

These two devices started the trip...

to the industry's Gold Standard


Wearing it turns the handheld Osmo into a wearable powerhouse

First compare their price

Then came better tools


So now...

The second camera snaps on for stereo when needed

Its adjustable baseline enables Hyper-Stereography

Buying this Steadicam and this camera could cost over $100,000

Buying the GoPad and a fully stabilized Osmo would cost ~$860

Both of these wearable cameras capture amazingly accurate 4K video that's suitable for use in Hollywood productions.  Any visible differences in motion-damping and camera output are typically subtle enough to be dealt with during editing .  For demanding professional applications, the Osmo's camera can be upgraded for $2K.  Even with the high-end camera upgrade, the GoPad+GoOsmo solution is far less expensive than the M1. Since their output is very similar, comparing these two wearable steady-cams comes down to usability.  

Steadicam M1: The total weight and dimensions of the M1 aren't published on Tiffen's website however the vest, arm, gimbals, stage, camera, batteries and various electronics components must add up to a hefty load: a conservative guess is 50~75 lbs.  The arm is rated for carrying a 70 lb camera payload so its reasonable to guess that total operational weight is of the of the order of 100 lbs.  This video gives you an overview of the M1's impressive technology and its impressive size.  An important point shown near the end of that demo clip is that the M1's long articulated arm allows the operator to easily raise the camera above their head; that "full-reach" capability effectively makes the M1 the size of its operator and that's a big usability advantage.

GoPad+GoOsmo: Depending on which tablet is being used, the total weight of a GoPad is between 1lb 9 oz and 1 lb 13 oz.  The Osmo and DJI's z-axis stabilizer adds another 1lb 8 oz so the total weight of an operational system is just over 3 lbs.  Since weight and usabiity are highly correlated, their 100 to 3 weight ration gives the fully-stabilized GoOsmo a massive advantage.  An important point shown in the CAD animation above is that the body-worn GoOsmo can be instantly detached from the GoPad and handheld  as needed; all while maintaining full camera stabilization.  That feature effectively gives the GoOsmo the same "full-reach" capability as the M1.

The Bottom Line: For Prosumer applications, the GoPad+GoOsmo might lose slightly on image quality when compared to a fully-optioned Steadicam M1.  However, the GoOsmo wins handily when you factor in its relative price, versatility and overall usability.  

Then compare their Performance

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The road to optimal 3D

This Dynamic Duo is the destination!

First see what the GoCam and tablet wearability can do


Dad's toy

Junior's toy

The original OZO

Great Viewing Gear

Then came this

It moves you down the road

An now this

And GoPad is a platform for other camera innovations...